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Some of the programs we offer are:

TRIAD - Senior citizen crime prevention and post victimization programs. This program focuses on senior citizen trends with regards to crime waves against seniors. Specific initiatives are implemented to supplement and help seniors overcome fear of crime that may target them, while arming them with effective strategies.   

Home security survey Ė Home and business security assessments to prevent vulnerabilities. Practical and useful information to heighten security consciousness, and create an effective, target hardened environment designed to resist crime opportunist.

Identity Theft Presentations- Highlighting current and past trends of I.D. thefts and scams carried out by criminals. Discussions geared toward reducing victimization and increasing knowledge. Proven techniques taught to reduce your chances of becoming a target of scammers.

D.A.R.E. program- Drug resistance program taught by certified D.A.R.E. officers to school students

Police Explorers- Young adult program involving training based on sound modern police practices. Each student mirrors the training received by certified police officers. The program also helps instill confidence, which prepares todayís youth toward a successful tomorrow.  

Fairfield Police citizenís academy- 10 week program designed to get a glimpse at police life within the police department. Provides deep insight into the relationship between law enforcement and the community it serves. Classes include presentations by all divisions of the police department. This course is designed to give the citizen student a  chance to see life through the eyes of police personnel.

R.U.okay program- a telephone welfare check reminder for senior citizens. Once registered, the system will check on the well being of seniors that live home.

Neighborhoods watch Net- a comprehensive crime prevention program intended to educate the community on matters of safety, emergency management and crime prevention. Team leaders are developed and thoroughly informed on important matters, regarding specific problem areas in your neighborhood, with the goal of effectively educating the public, resulting in a safer, security minded environment.  

Crime informational forum - community meetings engaging topics of interest and or concerns to the citizens with regards to crime, safety, etc. These meetings are designed to engage the public in serious discussions involving community problems or changes with regards to police services rendered. These can include any member of the police department including the Chief and Deputy Chief of Police.

Special interest group tours- tours arranged through public affairs that highlight the work of the police department. Emphasis placed on the different functions throughout the department that result in police services to the community.

Police intern program- A widespread job shadowing by a student with a member of the police department intended to prepare the student in all aspects of law enforcement. Each student gets to spend time within all areas of the department.

Just the facts TV show- A cable show providing timely, relevant information on hot topics in the police community as well as general information to educate the public with respect to citizen curiosity and concerns.

Reverse 911- A comprehensive telephone alert system which can pinpoint any neighborhood or the entire town and convey important information in cases of emergencies affecting said neighborhood. All messages are prerecorded and sent directly to you via telephone and has the unique capability of leaving a voice message on your telephone answering machine. This function is overseen by the Support Services Bureau.

Cop cards- These cards are styled after the famous baseball cards. Each card features a member of the police department and includes information that defines the officer. It concludes with a personal message targeted for our youth.

Police Bicycle unit- A program intended to get our officers to integrate more effectively with the community. These officers are trained to maneuver their bicycle on all terrains, and can frequently be found in places such as the beaches as well as the downtown and shopping areas of Fairfield. This function is overseen by the Patrol Division.

Police auction car ride- In the spirit of giving, this community fundraiser helps groupís raise money by auctioning off a police car ride. All proceeds go to the charity of choice.

Police web site- The Fairfield police web site is provided so the community can access useful information regarding police services and includes a spot where one can lodge a request or a complaint. It also contains a directory of all personnel and divisions. This function is overseen by the Support Services Bureau.

Child Safety Seat Installations


For information on any of the above programs call 203-254-4829.

Business owners who want to update their contact information may complete our Business Key holder Information update form. Click on the link below for information.


Business Contact Update Form


The FBI now offers e-mail updates on a variety of topics and alerts. If you are interested in learning more just click on the following link to the FBI web page and sign up. .  




In 1972 the National Sheriff's Association, alarmed by an increasing incidence of burglaries in suburban areas, applied to the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration for financial assistance to establish National Neighborhood Watch. By 1977, this program was active in over 2,000 counties and municipalities. In 1981, Neighborhood Watch was instituted in the Town of Fairfield.

The purpose of neighborhood watch is to set up neighborhood groups in order to make the citizenry share equal responsibility for crime prevention in their area by reducg criminal opportunity. The goal of the program is to prevent crime through neighborhood security by heightening the community's power of observation and encouraging mutual assistance and concern among neighbors.

Neighborhood Watch Groups are not vigilantes. They leave responsibility for apprehending criminals with the police. neighbors are only asked to be alert, observant and caring.

The program entails organizing neighborhood watch meetings at member's homes and promoting the program through educating them on crime deterrents. Watch captains are chosen to organize their neighbors to provide each other with street maps of residents' vital information, and to act as contacts between the police and the particular neighborhood. A number is assigned to the neighborhood watch, and street signs and window decals are provided.

The Police department does not run your Neighborhood Watch. The watch is run by the organization itself. No one is forced to join. However, for this program to work efficiently the people in the Watch areas have to participate.




The Fairfield Police Department no longer offers this program. Click on the following link to get information on local resources for the installation of child car seats.

Safe Kids Car Seat Info



The Fairfield Citizen's Academy is an annual, 12 week program, which meets weekly on Wednesday evenings. It offers Fairfield residents a chance to experience many aspects of police work and operations from police officers themselves. It covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • patrol procedures

  • crime scene processing

  • gangs

  • narcotics

  • stolen vehicles

  • firearms training

  • special police unit  and program familiarization

  • patrol ride-a-long

For more information call 254-4859.




The Are You O.K. Program is an electronic reassurance system. It was implemented in 1998 for the elderly, handicapped or homebound on a daily basis to help guarantee their well-being and safety. It allows you to register with the Fairfield Police Department to receive a phone call at your residence, electronically at a predetermined time everyday. If there is no answer the computer will make a second attempt and if there is still no answer the computer alerts the Emergency Communications Center and a police officer is dispatched to the residence to check on the welfare of the subscriber.

There is no charge for this service, and you may pick up an application to register at the Fairfield Police Department or at the front office of the Senior Center (100 Mona terrace, Fairfield) or download and print from the following links:

Are You Ok Program Application

Are You OK Update Form.



The Fairfield Police Department has an Alzheimer's registration program for residents who have a family  member with this disease. The purpose of this program is to help identifying these persons should they wander off from their caretaker.

Anyone wishing to register a person who has Alzheimer's may do so by coming to police headquarters and completing the Alzheimer's Registration Form and providing two pictures of the individual. You may also print out a copy of the Alzheimer's Registration Form available on our Forms page, complete it and bring it to the Fairfield Police Department.

You can also register nationally through the National Alzheimer's Association. Call 1-203-845-0010 for more information.