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Eagle One Pictures

Eagle One at Sherman School

Eagle One over Fairfield

Eagle One at Sherman School

Eagle One approaching Fairfield


Eagle One at the Airport

The Superdome approx. 1 week after Hurricane Katrina. Photo taken by Eagle One, which was flying relief missions into the city and surrounding areas.

Eagle One preparing for take-off at Sikorsky Airport


The Fairfield Police Department has operational control of Eagle One. The helicopter can aid police departments throughout the region in both search and rescue and law enforcement duties. Some of Eagle One's responsibilities will include:

  • Searching for lost children.

  • Searching for lost boats or persons lost in the water.

  • Searching for criminal suspects.

  • Other aerial reconnaissance missions

Eagle One works with the cooperation of several local police departments that supply pilots and support personnel. Funding will be supplied through private donations. 



Lieutenant Paul Honafius, Stratford Police - Captain Don Smith, Fairfield Police - Lieutenant Al Wilcoxson, Stratford Police in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina


In December 1991 Bruce Nelson and Tom D'Ancona lost their lives in a tragic boating incident on Long Island Sound off the shores of East Lyme Connecticut. Due to the time of year, many marine rescue resources were unavailable to local law enforcement and emergency services. In March of 1992, the family and friends of these two men formed The Nelson-D'Ancona Foundation which focused on providing funding for an emergency service helicopter that could be utilized by any local or state agency for any life threatening emergency, at no cost. This was the beginning of EAGLE 1, Connecticut's first Police Rescue Helicopter service.

EAGLE 1, a UH-1H, Huey, was obtained from the U.S. Army at no cost to the foundation. All members of the aircrew who staffed the 24 Hr. a day operations were volunteers. Pilots were from the Old Saybrook, Madsion and Fairfield Police Departments and rescue personnel were from various emergency services units around the state.

All funding was provided by the foundation to maintain EAGLE 1 in an operational status. The support services required to maintain the helicopter such as maintenance, fuel and hanger were all provided by private and corporate sponsors. This unique life saving resource was at no cost to any agency who utilized EAGLE 1.

After the retirement of the pilots from the Old Saybrook and Madison Police Departments, Eagle One was moved to Fairfield. The helicopter spent several months being serviced before being placed back into service. The costs for the service was paid for by the private Nelson/D'Ancona Foundation.


Funding is provided by a non-profit organization. For details on the foundation that supports Eagle One click on the link on the top of this page.