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Detective Dalling receives award
House Numbering, April 2002
Officer Awards May 2002
Traffic Stop Safety June 2002 (revised June 2005)
Memorial Day Parade Pictures May 2002
Speeding August 2002
Seatbelts November 2002
Suspicious Person at School March 2003
Boating Safety June 2003
School Traffic Safety September 2003
Lt. Lyddy Graduates from the FBI National Academy 2003
Traffic Enforcement Unit 2004
Emergency Medical Dispatching 9/2004
Lt. Gary MacNamara graduates from the FBI National Academy 2004
Eagle 1 sent to New Orleans
Police Participate in Tip-A-Cop 2007



House Numbering


One of the problems emergency responders have when responding to an emergency is locating the address. Many homes do not have numbers located on the residence or at the end of the driveway. Sometimes minutes can be lost trying to locate a specific house. During an emergency these minutes can make a difference. Please have your house clearly marked near the front door or other location that can be easily seen from the street. If you have a long driveway be sure the number is visible at the end of the driveway. Thank You.


Officer Awards

Several Fairfield Police officers were honored with awards on May 15, 2002 (National Police Officer Memorial Day). Officers received awards for actions performed in the line of duty during the past year.



Traffic Stops

Traffic stops are one of the most dangerous activities that police officers engage in. When you see an officer stopping a vehicle, or interacting with subjects during a car stop, do not approach the officer unless it is an emergency. Wait until the officer returns to her/his vehicle before approaching her/him to ask questions. By approaching the officer during the stop you put the officer as well as yourself at risk.

If you are being stopped by a police officer please pull as far to the right as you can. This provides you and the officer a measure of safety by allowing other vehicle's room to pass. Please stay in the vehicle unless the officer asks you to step out.

You should also check your vehicle's paperwork periodically to ensure that all the correct paperwork (registration and insurance card) are in the vehicle, easily accessible and up to date.



One of the most common complaints we receive is regarding speeding vehicles. To combat this problem the Fairfield Police Department recently obtained several new LASER and RADAR speed detection devices for use by patrol officers. Officers will be conducting increased speed enforcement around town.

The fines for speeding are set by the State of Connecticut and average $150.00 to $188.00. Also, any speed over 60mph on a roadway other than a limited access highway (I-95 & Rte 15) is a misdemeanor arrest.


Seatbelts While traveling this holiday season please remember to drive safely and buckle-up. It is the law in Connecticut that all front seat passengers and all children under the age of 16 must wear a seatbelt. Children under 4 and weighing less than 40 pounds must be in a child restraint system. Children under 4 who are 40 pounds or more must be in a child restraint system or a seatbelt. Please follow the manufacturer's installation and use instructions for the child restraint system. Seatbelts do save lives.


Safe Boating

During the summer months the Fairfield Police Marine Division would like to remind boaters to practice safe boating. Be sure to check the weather. Some of these summer storms can come on quickly and be severe. Also, make sure that your bilge pump is working. We have been finding boats that are in danger of sinking after severe weather because of the amount of water on board from the rain. We also recommend that boaters file a float plan with our marine police when going out over night. 

Our Marine police officers regularly conduct safety inspection on boats and personal watercraft in Fairfield. If you have not had your boat inspected please contact one of our officer who would be happy to conduct the safety inspection of your boat.

Have a safe summer on the water.


School Traffic Safety


The Fairfield Police Department and School Crossing Guard Director remind you to be alert.

Motorists: Observe posted speed limits, especially in school zones. Crossing guards will stop traffic when appropriate gaps occur to allow safe passage of students to and from school.

Pedestrians: Always walk bicycles, scooters and skateboards across an intersection

Working together we can make the 2003-2004 school year a safe one for all Fairfielders.



Traffic Enforcement Unit

Traffic Enforcement Unit

The Fairfield Police Department recently formed a traffic enforcement unit. This unit will focus primarily on traffic enforcement  at different locations in Town. These officers will work different shifts and will be strictly enforcing a wide range of motor vehicle laws as well as addressing citizen complaints. The goal of this unit is to encourage drivers to obey motor vehicle laws and act as a deterrent to violators. Citizens who have complaints of motor vehicle violations in their neighborhoods may complete our Problem Area Submission Form. This form will be forwarded to the Traffic Enforcement Unit.



Emergency Medical Dispatching

The Town of Fairfield Emergency Communications Center has implemented Emergency Medical Dispatch protocols. This means that when you call for an ambulance the dispatcher will be asking you more detailed questions to determine the appropriate resources to send. These questions will not delay response and help will be dispatched as soon as possible. The dispatcher you are talking with will also provide you with instructions on steps to take before help arrives.

This program is in place to ensure that the appropriate medical resources reach patients in a timely fashion. Better patient care is delivered through pre-arrival instructions to the caller until pre-hospital care providers arrive on scene.



Detective Dalling Receives Award

Every year, the Connecticut Associate of Women Police (CAWP) gives out 4 awards (Officer of the Year, Valor, Excellence in Performance, and Leadership). They solicit nominations in each category from every police agency in CT, including State and Federal law enforcement. This year CAWP received approximately 200 nominations for the awards.

Detective Kerry Dalling was selected to receive the Excellence in Performance award for her efforts in solving a sexual assault case. After a lengthy investigation Detective Dalling was able to identify the suspect, who was later arrested and charged with multiple criminal violations including : Sexual Assault 1st, Burglary 1st, Robbery 1st, Unlawful Restraint 1st and Criminal Attempt to Commit Felony Murder.

The award was presented at a dinner hosted by CAWP.  24 people from the Fairfield Police Department attended the awards dinner to see Detective Dalling receive her award, including the Commissioner Peterson, Commissioner Hersch, Chief Peck, Capt. MacNamara, Lt. Gombos, and several sergeants, detectives and patrolmen (even her mom went).