Captain Donald Smith
Patrol Division Commander

The patrol division is part of the Field Services Bureau and is the largest division in the Fairfield Police Department. It consists of the uniformed officers assigned to patrol duties.  Officers staff this division 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and perform a wide range of patrol duties and community policing programs. 

 Patrol Division Responsibilities

  • Patrol Function

  • Field Training

  • Prisoner Control

  • Bicycle Patrol

  • School Resource Officers

  • Tow Policy Management 

  • Selective Enforcement

  • Crash Investigation

  • Motorcycle Unit

Patrol Division Shift Commanders

Lieutenant Thomas Mrozek

Relief Shift

Lieutenant Jeff Bloch

Midnight Shift

Lieutenant Keith Broderick

Evening Shift Shift

Lieutenant John Bucherati

Day Shift


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Crash Investigations Unit

Bicycle Unit

Motorcycle Unit

Officers working patrol are responsible for performing a multitude of tasks, some of which include:

  • Patrol Function: Responding to calls for service (criminal complaints, motor vehicle accidents, recovery of stolen property, public assistance calls, calls for medical assistance) and Preventive Patrol

  • Enforcement of Motor Vehicle laws

  • Working with the public to prevent crimes

  • Apprehending criminals and wanted persons

  • Writing reports for their activities

The Fairfield Police Department practices community policing. Community policing is a goal of working in partnership with the community to not only apprehend law violators but to resolve and prevent problems relating to crime and neighborhood safety. Residents are encouraged to get to know the officers working their areas and let them know of any concerns or problems. Residents with concerns regarding problems in their neighborhood can also contact the Fairfield Police Department at 203-254-4808. You can also complete our Problem Area Submission Form to advise us of problems in your neighborhood.

To e-mail an officer click here.





  In 2004 the Fairfield Police Department created a traffic enforcement unit. Officers assigned to this unit are tasked to perform motor vehicle enforcement in all areas of town. Officers act on complaints from residents as well as conduct studies of high accident areas where enforcement may reduce the number and severity of motor vehicle accidents.

The goal of this unit is to reduce accidents, increase the safety of our roads, increase driver compliance with motor vehicle laws. and answer citizen complaints. 

The Traffic Enforcement Unit uses a multitude of ways to accomplish their goals. Radar trailers, motorcycle patrol, unmarked police vehicles, and a zero tolerance attitude are just some of the method the traffic officers utilize.



Citizens who would like to request traffic enforcement in their neighborhood may complete a Problem Area Submission Form.  The Traffic Enforcement Unit will review the request and determine the best action to take to meet your concerns.


Neighborhood Petition Form

The Town of Fairfield takes its role in traffic safety very seriously. We appreciate the many complaints, requests, and suggestions we receive from various sources; because it helps our staff develop a safer transportation system. Due to limited resources, we cannot always respond quickly to your concerns or ideas. This does not mean that we do not value your input or appreciate your concerns. Many traffic and parking situations take considerable time to study and evaluate possible solutions. Quick solutions are often less effective in the long run. More appropriate solutions may cost the taxpayers more money, but we must prioritize the spending of our budget across the entire town. A potential problem in one part of town must be weighed against current needs in other areas.

In consideration of the above, we developed this Neighborhood Petition Form (NPF) for your use. Through this form, neighbors are encouraged to identify and discuss issues affecting them. Our goal is to have neighbors reach consensus on the problem and formulate a possible solution. Once a consensus is reached, it is required that the NPF be completed and forwarded to the Fairfield Police Department- Special Services Division.

As a resident of Fairfield who has identified a potential traffic safety issue, it is important that you involve your neighborhood in the possible solution. Our intent is to focus on the most important parking and traffic conditions in town, as neighborhood consensus is reached. This practice will ensure our best use of staff time and available resources.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Click here to download a Neighborhood Petition Form