About FPD

Welcome to the Fairfield Connecticut Police Department.  In 1930 a town ordinance established the Police Department consisting of seven officers. Today the sworn and non-sworn staff of the department number about 230 employees.  For the men and women of the police department our mission hasn’t changed much since the 1930’s. Quite simply, we exist to make Fairfield safer, we always have and always will. We have created this site for a variety of reasons.  Here you have easy access to information about the Department’s structure, function and activities.  You can find services, avenues for communication and useful information on matters from employment opportunities to community events. I encourage you to spend time exploring the site.  We are committed to our mission and remain ever vigilant in our service to the residents and visitors of the Town of Fairfield.  Remember though, we can’t do it alone.

An informed, involved and engaged community remains the number one resource we have to help fulfill our mission. I hope your visit is informative and enjoyable!


Chief Gary MacNamara
Fairfield Police Department 
Connecticut, USA