Burglary Squad

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Facts About Residential Burglary:

  • It is a crime of opportunity
  • Most occur during daylight hours
  • Highly skilled burglars are few and far between
  • Chances of becoming victimized by a burglar can be greatly reduced if crime prevention techniques are implemented
  • Burglars do not like to make noise or spend a lot of time in the home, or confront homeowners
  • Most burglars shy away from homes with burglar alarms and do not like to confront dogs
  • Burglary is one of the easiest crimes both to commit and to prevent, but one of the most difficult to solve
  • 98% of burglars go to the bedroom
  • Police alone can't control residential burglaries

Facts About Guns For Protection in the Home:

  • Most people who have guns in their homes for protection do not practice with them and are not qualified with their use
  • Many tragic accidents with guns occur in homes where guns are accessible. Domestic (family arguments), children playing with guns, shooting family members by mistake.
  • Most guns kept in the home are stored in the bedroom. Night tables, dresser drawers and under the matress. all places where burglars look.
  • People who have guns in their homes are providing the potential to arm burglars.

Tips On How To Avoid Being Victimized By A Burglar:

  • Use good locks
  • Keep doors and windows locked
  • Don't hide an extra key outside the home
  • Report broken street lights in your neighborhood
  • Report strangers loitering, people asking vague questions, suspicious vehicles
  • Keep garage door closed
  • Use exterior lighting effectively at night only
  • Do not store ladders outside unless secured by a lock
  • Keep shrubs trimmed and eliminate all hiding places for the burglar
  • Consider an alarm system. Contact the Fairfield Police department Crime Prevention Unit for information on the bestb types of system and how to select an alarm company
  • Use timers on interior lighting in rooms that don't allow complete viewing from the outside.
  • Consider joining a Neighborhood Watch Program.

Other Recommendations:

  • Keep an inventory and description of your possessions for insurance purposes and faster recovery (record the serial numbers off all electronic equipment)
  • Take color photos and complete description of furs, jewelry, art and other items
  • Install large street numbers on your home (at least 6 inches high)

Tips For Vacationers:

  • Stop all deliveries or have a friend pick up deliveries
  • Do not discuss your vacation plans in public before you leave
  • Use timers
  • Don't close the blinds
  • Have lawn mowed and sidewalks shoveled
  • Move valuables away from windows
  • Arrange to have a friend check your home

What To Do If You Think Your Home Has Been Entered:

  • Do not enter
  • Call the police (from outside the home)
  • Leave everything exactly as you find it so that evidence will not be destroyed


Statement of Loss

If you were the victim of a burglary or other theft and you found additional items missing that were not initially reported to the police you can complete this form and mail it or bring it to the Fairfield Police Department. Be sure your case number is on the form. The additional information will be added to your case file. Please be as specific as possible when recording stolen items.


Statement of Loss Form