Steroid Operation Shutdown and Arrests

In April of 2014, Fairfield Police began to investigate the illegal distribution of narcotic pain medication.  During the course of this four month investigation Fairfield Detectives revealed a large scale (high quality) Anabolic Steroid and Human Growth Hormone manufacturing and distribution network, in conjunction with the illegal distribution of narcotic pain medications.  Detectives discovered structured sums of money were being wired overseas in exchange for raw materials that form the base compound for anabolic steroids.  That material, slightly compounded and heated is then bottled in liquid form or encapsulated in powdered form for injectable and oral consumption.  Fairfield Police discovered these steroids and the illegally obtained pain medications were being distributed in Fairfield and the Greater Bridgeport area.

Police conducted months of surveillance, extensive intelligence  analysis, executed nearly a dozen search and seizure warrants, collaborated with multiple local and federal law enforcement agencies establishing this drug sale enterprise with its distribution network and those directly involved in the manufacture, sale and purchase of these illegal drugs.

On August 6, 2014, Fairfield Police along with agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration and Westchester County Police were conducting surveillance on Sean Jackson of Bridgeport who police suspected of transporting large sums prescription pills obtained illegally from a supplier in Westchester County to Fairfield County for distribution.  Investigators watched as Jackson proceeded to meet his supplier at a pre-arranged spot where Westchester County Police and Federal agents were staged.  Subsequent to the deal of oxycodone pills Sean Jackson and his supplier were both arrested on narcotics charges in New York. 

The arrest of Jackson in New York triggered Connecticut Law Enforcement agencies to execute three simultaneous search and seizure warrants at the homes of the suspected heads of this organization.  Search and Seizure warrants were executed at Jackson’s Bridgeport home, Chris Puzzio’s Trumbull home and Jerry Mazzuocolo’s Derby Home.  Law Enforcement personnel from Fairfield, Derby and Trumbull Police Departments as well as Agents from the DEA and Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) were involved in this investigation.

During the execution of the search warrants police seized large amounts of steroids, Human Growth hormone, paraphernalia, capsule presses, cash and numerous firearms.  Additionally, several hundred capsules containing an unknown substance were found and will be submitted for chemical analysis.  Police currently do not have a monetary street value of the Steroids seized due to costs varying dramatically depending on the type and quality of the steroid. 

Subsequent to the search warrant, Jerry Mazzuoccolo of 10 Hawthorne Avenue in Derby and Chris Puzzio of 233 Algonquin Trail in Trumbull were arrested by Fairfield Police and were charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Sell, Possession of a Controlled Substance and Operating a Drug Factory.  Both are expected to appear in their respective courts on 8/19/2014.

The investigation is ongoing and police are expecting to make several more arrests in this case. The Fairfield Police Department and the DEA’s New Haven Tactical Diversion Squad are conducting this ongoing investigation. 

This is Fairfield Police Department’s second large scaled narcotic/controlled substance investigation this year with DEA’s New Haven Tactical Diversion Squad. 

Arrest of Chris Puzzio & Jerry Mazzuoccolo
Arrest of Sean Jackson in New York