Sergeant Suzanne Lussier

The Public Affairs Sergeant reports directly to the Chief of Police and serves as the official Department spokesperson for the media and in all matters pursuant to other types of inquiries from various sources. 

The Public Affairs Sergeant’s primary responsibility is to ensure the appropriate release of information to the news media in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act and departmental policies. The release of information is handled in a manner so as to respect the public's right to know and protect ongoing police investigations so that a potential criminal prosecution is not jeopardized. The Public Affairs Sergeant also serves to assist at the scene of any major incident, handling media activities on site.

The Public Affairs Sergeant is also responsible for maintaining the Department's new web site and providing information about crime incidents and statistics, the Department, its functions, policies and procedures, Crime Prevention and Neighborhood Watch programs, services, and related events. In addition, the Sergeant facilitates community outreach programs and works with corporate partners implementing new programs. The Public Affairs Sergeant is a local sponsor of high school and college interns providing students with invaluable hands-on experience which will help them with their college and career choices. The Sergeant is an active member of the Fairfield Triad and coordinates with local and state agencies the protective services for senior citizens involving suspected abuse, financial fraud, scams and neglect.  

The Public Affairs newest initiative is a K-9 Unit. Its implementation was in part due to the increasing need by officers and based on call type in the community. The Sergeant ensured sufficient funding was acquired by private donations for a successful outcome.  The unit is currently staffed with one officer and one German Shepherd Dog, specially trained in Police Techniques, Tracking and Narcotic Detection.

Chief of Police, Gary MacNamara, recognizes that an important and essential building block of a police agency is open communication with the public it serves. Chief MacNamara firmly believes this will ensure the confidence, respect and trust of the citizens of Fairfield.