Accident Investigation


The Accident Investigation Unit is part of the Special Services Division, three full time officers are assigned to the unit. Officers Bodnar, Chaisson, and Fracassini receive extensive training in all aspects of accident investigation and reconstruction. They hold certifications from the Institute of Police, Technology and Management of Jacksonville, FL. Officers from this unit investigate all fatal or potentially fatal accidents within the Town of Fairfield, as well as less serious accidents.






Accident Reports - Late Reported

If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident in the Town of Fairfield (not including I-95 and Rte15) and failed to report the accident to the police when it occurred you can complete this form and bring it to the Fairfield Police Department to file the report. We do not investigate accidents that were not reported to us at the time they occurred but we will give you a file number for your insurance company.

Late Reported Accident Report