Lt. James Perez


Division Commander  

The Special Services Division of the Field Services Bureau is responsible for overseeing the following:


  Patch-dive team.jpg (380334 bytes)
  Special Agents Dive Team Animal Control
    Patch-marine patrol.jpg (462431 bytes)  
    Marine Division  
  School Crossing Guards Code Enforcement Vehicle Maintenance
  Traffic Surveys Block Parties Parking Tag Management






  Vehicles owned by the Fairfield Police Department are maintained by our own Master Mechanic. This allows us to have vehicles repaired more quickly, thus putting our cars back on the road in a more timely fashion.


The Fairfield Police Department oversees the school crossing guard program. These posts, covering some middle and elementary schools, are covered by civilian employees. 

Currently there are no openings for school crossing guards. For information you can contact 203-254-4890 and ask for Officer Sepot.