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Field Training & Evaluation Program

All newly hired entry-level and lateral transfer police officers are required to complete the Field Training and Evaluation Program (FTEP).  The Fairfield Police Department’s FTEP program exceeds the minimum State of Connecticut POSTC requirements.  The Fairfield Police Department’s Field Training and Evaluation Program is administered by the Training Unit.  Patrol Sergeants are responsible for the daily observation of the new officer.  The Training Unit is responsible for the selection and general supervision of the Field Training Officers and the day-to-day operation of the program. 

Length of the Program 

The program will meet or exceed any POSTC requirement. Currently, recruits are required to complete a minimum of 400 hours in the Field Training Program. Officers who are already POST certified shall be evaluated on a case by case basis and will meet a POSTC approved, modified Field Training Program.

Recruits will move through several phases of training and be assigned to several different Field Training Officers during their training.  The recruit officer is usually assigned to different shifts and patrol assignments during their training.

Upon completion of the Field Training and Evaluation Program, the recruit officer transitions to a probationary police officer for a period of (1) one year. Upon completion of the one year, the Police Commission has the authority to approve the officer for regular duty status.

Field Training Officers (FTO’s) 

FTO’s are selected based upon their reputation, accomplishments, experience and performance as members of the Fairfield Police Department. An attempt is made to identify those officers who are consistently productive, have a good demeanor, expansive law enforcement training record, and good oral and written communications skills. Additionally, FTO’s must be completely familiar with the operational policies and procedures of the Fairfield Police Department. He/she must have exhibited above average skills, knowledge and ability to perform the tasks that will be taught to the recruit officer. Knowing that initial impressions that the recruit officer receives will be long lasting, the FTO must have exhibited a positive attitude toward his/her job and law enforcement profession. The FTO must also be enthusiastic, able to instill confidence into the recruit officer and provide a means for the employee to motivate him/her self to seek the best possible results from the field training program.

Field Training Officers evaluate recruit officers daily on the subject matter or tasks performed during the shift. Recruits will be evaluated based upon a job task analysis of the most frequent assignments of officers who complete recruit training.


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