K9 Unit

The Fairfield Police K9 Unit was established in 2010,  after the approval from the Chief of Police, First Selectman and Board of Police Commissioners. The K9 Unit does not replace a Police Officer, but serves as a valuable tool in combating and deterring crime.  It is often the determining factor in conducting a search or achieving a peaceful arrest.

Use of Police Canines

The K9 Unit may be used for the following incidents:

  • Building searches
  • Tracking and searching for missing persons, suspects or evidence
  • Apprehension of criminal suspects
  • Narcotic raids and searches
  • Crowd control for violent and/or unruly crowds
  • Handler & Officer Protection

Funding & Donations:

The Fairfield Police Department K-9 Unit is entirely funded by corporate and private donations from the community.

Want to make a donation?:

  • In person or by mail:
    Fairfield Police Department
    Attention: Sergeant Hector Irizarry
    K9 Unit Supervisor

    100 Reef Road
    Fairfield, CT 06824
  • Checks can be made payable to "Fairfield Police Department - K9 Unit"

Donations to the K9 Unit are tax deductible under section 170(c)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code.

If you have any questions regarding the program please contact us at (203) 254-4844.

Thank you for your continued support!

Recent K9 News

K9 Jagger & Officer DeAngelis in "Bite Suit"

K9 Jagger & Officer DeAngelis in "Bite Suit"

Officer Wells K9 Jagger

Officer Wells K9 Jagger

List of Retired K9's

Officer Kevin Wells
K9 Jagger
(203) 254-4808

K9 Officer Jagger joined the Fairfield Police Department in October 2015 and will be handled by Officer Kevin Wells.

Officer Kevin Wells has been a Fairfield Police Officer since March 01, 1999. Officer Wells is currently assigned to the patrol division, where he is a Field Training Officer, Bike Officer, and K9 Officer. Officer Wells was partnered with K9 Officer Ruger in September 2011 and graduated in November 2011 from a Patrol/Narcotic K9 class. Officer Wells is currently an Advisor for Fairfield Police Explorers and has been a PAL Board Member since 2000. Officer Wells is also the treasurer for the Fairfield Police Benevolent Association and a Union Stewart for the local police union. Officer Wells graduated St. Joseph High School in Trumbull and attended University of New Haven, where he studied Criminal Justice.

In October 2015 after retiring K9 Officer Ruger, Officer Wells was partnered with his new partner K9 Jagger. Retired K9 Officer Ruger is now living with Officer Wells as his family pet.

Officer Wells and K9 Jagger

Officer Wells and K9 Jagger

Officer Evan Kaesmann
K9 Maverick
(203) 254-4808

K9 Officer Maverick joined the Fairfield Police Department in October 2015 and will be handled by Officer Evan Kaesmann.

Officer Kaesmann joined the Fairfield Police Department in August 2009.  He is a member of the Department's Crisis Intervention Team and Honor Guard.  Officer Kaesmann has been a Field Training Officer since 2013, is currently an Operator on the Emergency Services Unit and is in the process of becoming a certified police training instructor.  Officer Kaesmann was partnered with K9 Maverick in October 2015.


K9 Unit Supervisor:

Sergeant Hector Irizarry
(203) 254-4808

In April 2013, Chief Gary MacNamara appointed Patrol Sergeant Hector Irizarry as the new K-9 Supervisor of the unit.  Sgt. Irizarry was hired in 1998 and has previous experience in canine unit supervision.  He will oversee the day to day operations, training and work schedule for the K-9 handler.  Sgt. Irizarry is committed to the program and will consider expanding the unit as the needs of the department change and calls for police service increases.

The K-9 Unit Supervisor is responsible for planning and scheduling all training for the members of the unit. The K-9 Unit Supervisor will produce documentation and retain certification certificates for officer’s training files as well as the additional administrative duties.