Office of Public Affairs


Lieutenant Robert Kalamaras
Public Information Officer
(203) 254-4816

Allison Murphy
Administrative Assistant
(203) 254-4890


The Office of Public Affairs is the principal point of contact for the Fairfield Police Department with the news media. It ensures the appropriate release of information to the news media in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act and Departmental Policies. The release of information is handled in a manner so as to respect the public's right to know and protect ongoing police investigations so that a potential criminal prosecution is not jeopardized. The Office of Public Affairs also serves to assist at the scene of any major incident, handling media activities on site.

The Office of Public Affairs is also responsible for providing information about the Department and its functions, policies and procedures along with Crime Statistics.  In addition, the Public Affairs Office facilitates community outreach programs and works with corporate partners in implementing new programs.

Block Party Requests

All requests for block parties shall be submitted to the Fairfield Police Department, Office of Public Affairs. All sections of this request shall be completed and the form signed by the applicant. Incomplete requests will not be approved.

Upon receipt of the completed Block Party Request and Neighborhood Petition Form, the chairperson of the event will be notified by mail if their street closure was approved or not approved. Questions can be addressed to the Office of Public Affairs , Monday though Friday, 8am to 4pm at 203-254-4829.

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