Crash/Accident Investigation Unit

Unit Personnel:

Sergeant Robert Chaisson
Crash Investigation Supervisor
(203) 254-4823

Officer Mark Fracassini
Crash Investigator
(203) 254-4850

Officer Mark Letsch
Crash Investigator
(203) 254-4850

The Accident Investigation Unit is part of the Support Service Bureau. The Accident Investigation Unit consists of Officers who receive extensive training in all aspects of crash reconstruction, scene mapping, and special issues associated with pedestrian crashes.

Officers assigned to this unit investigate all fatal crashes. Other responsibilities include crashes that result in serious physical injury, serious felonies, and evading crashes, as well as less serious crashes. Although regular patrol officers also investigate motor vehicle crashes, whenever available, Accident Investigators will be assigned the investigation.

Motor Vehicle Crash/Accident Reports are available from the Fairfield Police Department Records Division.  Not all accident reports are available online. Reports including arrest or medical information may not be available for release.

Obtain an Accident Report