Dive Team

Unit Personnel:

Lieutenant Robert Kalamaras
Unit Supervisor

Officer William Demotses
Police Diver

Officer James Wiltsie
Police Diver

Detective Anthony Vaspasiano
Police Diver

Officer Jason Kline
Police Diver

The Fairfield Police Dive Team falls under the Support Services Bureau of the Police Department. The Dive Team prepares for any underwater emergency or investigation in, but not limited to, the waters of Fairfield and Long Island Sound. The Dive Team maintains a training program that targets the interests of drowning prevention, diver safety, and thorough underwater investigation. The Dive Team strives to be an example to the public on all issues regarding water safety.

The Dive Team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. The divers are trained in various levels of certification such as surface air supplied diving, ice diving, SCUBA, and commercial diving. Divers maintain a regular training regiment working closely with the Marine Unit, so they can respond in unison to any water related emergency.