Emergency Communications Center



(203) 254-4800


The Fairfield Emergency Communications Center is responsible for receiving all 911 emergency calls, as well as non-emergency Police and Fire calls. The communications center employs 15 full-time telecommunicators and handles approximately 250,000 phone calls per year. They are trained in emergency police and fire dispatching, emergency medical dispatching and the handling of routine calls for both police and fire departments.

The Emergency Communications Center operates under the supervision of the Fairfield Police Department and is located at Fairfield Police Department headquarters. Communications are computerized and work off of multiple radio towers.

The Fairfield Police Department has several radio frequencies that can be utilized during both normal and emergency situations. The police vehicles are also equipped with mobile data terminals that allow officers to access law enforcement computer and information networks as well as send confidential information car to car and to other police departments.

Telecommunictors receive extensive training when they are first hired and then continue to receive training throughout their employment with the Emergency Communications Center.  Training includes:

  • Certification as a State of Connecticut Emergency Telecommunicator.
  • Participation in ride-a-long program with both police and fire personnel so they can be familiar with what officers and firefighters experience in the field;
  • Certification as an emergency medical dispatcher
  • CPR
  • Certification on the Connecticut Law Enforcement Computer Network.

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