Download an FPD Form

Below are some of the forms that the Fairfield Police Department utilizes. Choose the form that meets your needs and print a copy. Complete the form with all the required information and follow the instructions on how it needs to be submitted. Some completed forms must be brought to the Police Department while others could be mailed.

Accident Report (Late Reported)

If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident in the Town of Fairfield (not including I-95 and Route 15) and failed to report the accident to the police when it occurred you can complete this form and bring it to the Fairfield Police Department to file the report. We do not investigate accidents that were not reported to us at the time they occurred but we will give you a file number for your insurance company.

This form is a template letter that can be used by businesses when they receive a bad check. The letter should be mailed to the person who issued the check. For more information contact the Fairfield Police Detective Bureau at (203) 254-4840. Page one contains instructions for you.

Block Party Request Form

All requests for block parties shall be submitted to the Fairfield Police Department, Support Services Bureau. All sections of this request shall be completed and the form signed by the applicant. Incomplete requests will not be approved.

Burglar Alarm Appeal

If you believe that the burglar alarm at your residence or business the Fairfield Police responded to was not a “False Alarm” you may complete this form. The appeal must be received within 30 days of the alarm. You will be notified of the hearing date and time.

Family with Services Needs

If your child is demonstrating one of the following behaviors, a referral to the Fairfield Juvenile Review Board (Fairfield’s local Youth Service Bureau) may be helpful:  (1) Has run away from his or her parental home or other properly authorized and lawful place of abode without just cause; (2) Is beyond control of his or her parent(s), guardian or other custodian; (3) Has engaged in indecent or immoral conduct.  Complete this form and then email to Jessica Bloomberg, LCSW at

Identity Theft Documents

Documents created to assist citizens in protecting their identity.

Injury Release

This form is to be used by citizens participating in a Fairfield Police Department activity that would require a medical release form to be completed.

Parking Ticket/Tag Appeal

If you feel that you have been incorrectly issued a parking ticket by the Fairfield Police Department you may complete the online appeal form. Give us as much information as possible. The complaint form must be entered into the system by the due date on the ticket (10 days after issuance). Hold onto your ticket and you will receive an e-mail with the decision made on your complaint.

You may submit a Parking Tag Appeal online – Click here.

Parking Ticket/Tag: Petition for Violation Hearing

This form should be completed only after the Parking Tag Complaint form above has been submitted and you received a reply. You may appeal the decision made by the Fairfield Police parking tag review officer by completing the Request for Violation Hearing form. A hearing will be set up with an independent review officer who will make a decision regarding your appeal.

Pawn/Precious Metals Dealer Weekly Report

This form is to be used by business who are required to complete pawn sheets and return them to the Fairfield Police Department. Follow your normal procedure for filing this form.

Pawn Broker/Precious Metal Dealer Application

This form is to be used by business who are required to complete pawn sheets and return them to the Fairfield Police Department. Follow your normal procedure for filing this form.

Retired Officer H.R. 218 Application

Any Fairfield Police Officer Retiree applying to carry a concealed weapon under authorization of the Law Enforcement Safety Act of 2004 (Title 18 USC 926(C)(a)) will be required to complete this form and attached procedure, as well as abide by all applicable sections of Title 18 USC 926(C)(a), State laws and applicable Fairfield Police Policies.

SafeReturn Network Registration

The SafeReturn Network is a computer database developed to assist emergency personnel in locating community members who suffer from conditions which making them susceptible to “wandering” and safely returning them home.

Statement of Loss

If you were the victim of a burglary or other theft and you found additional items missing that were not initially reported to the police you can complete this form and mail it or bring it to the Fairfield Police Department. Be sure your case number is on the form. The additional information will be added to your case file. Please be as specific as possible when recording stolen items.