Police Officer

All job openings for Entry Level and Certified Police Officers are posted on PoliceApp.com. Please click here to check for any current job openings.

monks-bakula-falbo - CopyHiring Process

The hiring process consists of numerous phases. Candidates must successfully pass each phase in order to proceed through the process. The components of the testing process are listed below (these are subject to change without notice):

  • Complete a written application available at the Fairfield Police Department or website;
  • Written Examination;
  • Physical Agility Examination;
  • Background Investigation;
  • Oral Board Examinations,
  • Medical Examination;
  • Polygraph Examination;
  • Psychological Evaluation.
Applicants who pass all of the above testing and are then selected for employment must successfully complete recruit training conducted by the Connecticut Police Academy. Recruits may be required to spend approximately 6 months at the Police Academy in Meriden. Once a recruit successfully passes the Police Academy training they enter the Fairfield Police Department Field Training Program that lasts a minimum of 12 weeks. New officers are on probationary status for at least one year from appointment.

Minimum Qualifications:
The following qualifications must be met prior to employment as a police officer with the Fairfield Police Department:

  • Applicant must be a United States Citizen
  • Applicant must be 21 years of age
  • Applicant must be a high school graduate (or have passed a recognized General Educational Development Test.)
  • Possess a valid motor vehicle operator’s license.
  • Successfully pass the following:
    • Connecticut Police Chief’s Association Written exam with a score of 70%
    • Physical Agility – obtain a C.H.I.P card with a 40% percentile passing score
    • Oral Board Examination
    • Preliminary interview and assessment
    • Interview with the Board of Police Commissioners
    • Polygraph examination
    • Psychological Examination
    • Medical Examination / Drug Screen
    • Extensive background investigation
    • Any other tests as may be determined
After six months of employment, individuals must reside within Connecticut and within a fifty (50) mile radius of the Town of Fairfield.

Any of the following will eliminate eligibility for employment with the Fairfield Police Department:

  • Any Felony Convictions
  • Any Conviction of a Class A or Class B Misdemeanor (under CT Law or in any other jurisdiction that if committed in this state, would constitute a Class A or B misdemeanor.)
  • Conviction of any act which would constitute perjury or false statement
  • Conviction for any domestic violence related misdemeanor crime.
  • Applicant must not have been dismissed from any law enforcement unit for malfeasance or other serious misconduct.
  • Applicant must not have resigned or retired from any law enforcement position while under investigation for any malfeasance or misconduct.
The Fairfield Police Department will conduct an extensive background investigation on each applicant once a conditional offer of employment is given.   This will include examination of each candidate’s driving history, criminal record, employment history, financial history, and past/present illegal drug use.  Prior conduct in police/security/corrections fields along with basic honesty and integrity will be extensively examined.

Background Investigation
Note that the Fairfield Police Department will examine very seriously the past activities of any applicant – both revealed and not revealed by the applicant – as it reflects upon the character of the candidate applying for a position in this agency.  Included will be the unlawful use of drugs and other substances, crimes, infractions and violations,  Realize that while in some instances, time and distance may remedy past errors of judgment, other situations will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification.  The Fairfield Police Department reserves the right to evaluate candidates individually in this regard – holding that character evaluation of police candidates is a high priority.

A Police Officers salary is determined by contracts that are negotiated through Collective Bargaining agreements between the Fairfield Police Union and the Town of Fairfield.  They typically negotiated for three year terms.

To view the current contract between the Fairfield Police Union and the Town of Fairfield, please refer to the Human Resources webpage.

  • Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield medical and prescription plan
  • Dental and Optical plan
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Package after 25 years of service (maximum benefit after 30 years of service)
  • Military buy back
  • College incentive pay and tuition reimbursement
  • 12 Paid Holidays
  • 7 Paid Vacation days after 6 months of employment
  • 14 Paid Vacation days after 12 months of employment
  • Shift Differential Pay / Annual clothing allowance – plus uniform trade in.
To view the current contract between the Fairfield Police Union and the Town of Fairfield, please refer to the Human Resources webpage.

Officers working patrol are responsible for performing a multitude of tasks, some of which include:

  • Responding to calls for service:
    • Criminal Complaints
    • Motor Vehicle Accidents
    • Recovery of stolen property
    • Public assistance calls
    • Calls for medical assistance
  • Enforcement of Motor Vehicle laws
  • Working with the public to prevent crimes
  • Apprehending criminals and wanted persons
  • Writing reports for their activities
  • Conditional offers of employment do not guarantee a position as a Police Officer. Applicant must successfully complete all phases of testing to be hired.
  • All applicants who meet the requirements and pass the above tests and are selected for employment must successfully complete recruit training at the Connecticut Police Academy or at an authorized POSTC Satellite Academy. Recruits may be required to spend several months at the academy in Meriden, CT.  Upon graduation, the recruit will be expected to successfully complete a minimum of 12 weeks in the Field Training program.  Failure to successfully complete the Field Training program will result in dismissal.
  • All CT Certified officer applicants must have successfully completed recruit training at the Connecticut Police Academy or authorized POSTC Satellite Academy, and have been certified as a Police Officer for at least three (3) years at their current agency. All new officers are on a probationary status for at least 18 months from their date of hire.
  • The applicant recognizes that all statements made on or in connection with his or her application are true, complete, and correct to the best of their knowledge and belief and are made in good faith. The applicant understands that incomplete, false, inaccurate, or misleading information given in the application, interview(s), or during the course of the background investigation will result in the rejection of the job application and/or withdrawal of any conditional job offer.  Any false information provided during the pre-employment phase, whether willingly or accidental, which is subsequently discovered, may result in immediate dismissal if currently employed.
  • The Fairfield Police Department will not be responsible in any way for financial contracts signed between individual officers and their respective agencies. Such contract(s), if they exist, are the sole responsibility of the applicant.
The Town of Fairfield is an Equal Opportunity Employer